Thursday, 9 September 2010

Some more pictures

Here are some images of recent books.  The little black one is a flutter book made up of photographs I took 2007-08.  For a year I took a photograph every morning of my body, in different postures.  I wanted to make a record over a period of time, but I was more interested in looking at my body as a landscape, with different shapes, textures, shadows, lines and spaces.

I cropped the images so that they became more abstract, but still recognisable as the human form.  The images fit well in this structure, as you have to open and unfold each one to see it clearly, so it has an intimate or secret feel to it.

I also covered it with fabric from some clothing rather than book cloth,
and used ribbons to tie it to further suggest undressing something or someone; a sense of intimacy and I guess femininity.
This book is only about 5x5cm, so really tiny.

The next one is also small,
it fits inside a soap box.  I liked the kitsch design of the
soap box and wanted to make a book that would seem
really cute and delicate in this pretty soap box, but then have something darker or surprising inside.

Well, I haven't decided what that darker thing will be, so its unfinished at the moment.  I want to finish it tomorrow, so any ideas would be amazing!

I was thinking along the lines of maybe something erotic or suggestive that you wouldn't expect in a soap box?  The pages are just cream and it is really tiny, so it has to be something that I can fit in.  It could be text or drawings.  Hmmm.  There are all those beautiful drawings in the kama sutra and other old eastern books on sex....maybe something along those lines....

Just as well my gran won't read this, why can't I be the kind of artist who just makes pretty things that I can show my gran?

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