Friday, 10 September 2010

I'm going to vet school...

I'm excited about a new course I've just booked at eca called art and veterinary science!  It starts next month and we have three hours a week at the Dick Vet School, to investigate, draw and basically fill sketchbooks with ideas from the collection of animal skeletons, equipment etc.  This opportunity has come about because the school is closing, and I believe relocating.  So eca has negotiated this class.

Spine, Pen drawing, 2007
I find skeletons fascinating.  Here is a drawing of one of the (faux) human ones from eca.  I did a project where I was wrapping thread around the bones, using the thread like a drawn line to create a pattern determined by the sequence of the bones.

I forgot to mention, my parents both trained as vets in Glasgow, so it feels like an interesting family connection to do an art project in a vet school.

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