Tuesday, 28 September 2010

By Leaves We Live

pamphlet binding
Last Saturday I exhibited with the Artist Book Group at the poetry library and did a workshop on pamphlet binding and japanese binding.  I had Fintan and Stephen on hand in case no-one came, but all the workshops were fully booked with waiting lists, yay!
 It was a really busy day and we got lots of interest and some sales as well.

For me it was a good learning experience, I saw what people were drawn to and also got an idea of what sold and how much people were willing to spend.

And of course lots of inspiration looking at what everyone else has been making.

I really enjoyed the workshop and will be doing  
pamphlet and japanese binding
 the same structures next Saturday and Sunday at WASPS Open Studios on a drop in basis.

Ellen who shares the same studio will be offering a heart-shaped lavender bag workshop too so come along to our lovely studio and get creative!

Body book, Small exhibition, poetry library Sept-Nov 2010

Artist's book group tables

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