Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sketchbook pages

I'm still working with the images and information I gathered from the vet school, I want to make some finished pieces and have so many ideas.  It's a case of deciding which to follow! 

At the Artist Book Group last time, Linda made an interesting point; when she was working as an architect it was easier because you were given a problem and you solved it.  As an artist you have to make up your own problems, which is much harder.  She also pointed out that I had lots of problems!  It's the selection and realisation process I find challenging.

Here are some pics from my sketchbook.

specimens; charcoal and pastel

ribcage; graphite, charcoal

horse skull; graphite, acrylic

Old lecture theatre; oil bar

ink, oil bar, graphite

Calf in dissection room; collage, graphite, watercolour, thread

I'm wanting to push my drawing as far as possible by using different materials and finding ways of freeing up my lines without losing detail or precision.  Maybe some of these pages would look good blown up really big, if I can retain the sharpness and fineness of the lines?

I'm also exploring drawing over old veterinary textbooks that my dad gave me.