Sunday, 10 October 2010

First day of art and vet science class

We met at the Royal Dick Vet School which is at the end of the meadows.  I've walked past it so many times and not realised what it was. 

Inside there are some beautiful old features, like the pathology room that is high ceilinged and round in shape, now being taken over by dust and foliage, and the lecture theatre with seating curving round the blackboard and made of beautiful wood.

I'm thinking of ways to record all the information;  there is so much there, and next year the school will move to new buildings out in Easter Bush and the old building will be sold.  The work I make could echo the processes that go on such as dissection, obviously using paper rather than animals, or creating sequences of drawings to reflect the sequences of bones and teeth in display cabinets.  Here are a few photos.

horse skeleton

skulls in cabinets!

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